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Famous Artist Jodi Clark Statement towards Liberia music industry


As days comes and go , the industry keep getting better, there are certain mediate need to be mentioned to put Liberian music on the map .


When your music industry is well Developed, Build, Established and recognised by outsiders or major entities like MTV Base, Trace Africa , Channel O, BBC, BET Africa and the list goes on, it helps bring in revenues for everyone. You get to see these major entertainment networks coming in and hosting major concerts, festivals and events that brings money not only for the artists, but producers, video directors, writers, DJs, Radio stations , promoters, local vendors and helps create Jobs for the locals and helps the Liberian economy in many ways. So when I say let’s look pass the small small change from your artists, it’s not a Disrespect, it’s simply saying let’s all look at the bigger picture , the bigger payday. You may not recognise an artist’s impact on the “PROCESS” but what other artists did, before the younger artists , helped shape their work in many ways and Paved the way to Listeners ears.

I’m not a person who argues or go back and fort with people on the Internet and won’t start now, and if you are a DJ, Radio Host , or Blogger or Promoter , Because of how I started in music and being signed to a major label, I’ve always had manager or someone representing me. So if you reached out and conversations were not fruitful or you didn’t reach a deal, you got all rights to be mad , but you can’t say you interacted with me on a personal level and I was rude to you. Never been me.

If I wrote you a song, and you tell me I’ll give you 1k and No rights to the song, I’ll tell you No, keep the 1k, I want points and rights to the song , I’m looking at the potential of the record and what I’ll gain when it BLOWS!

Now I understand times are hard and we all gotta Hustle to put food on the table, so I always pay or so my best to make that DJ or Radio person Bang my work. It’s Never been a problem for me, but working together for a BIGGER PAYDAY is sweeter and more Rewarding!

We call all sit and have a respectful dialogue on how we can accomplish a lot of things when I get to Liberia.

what’s your thoughts?