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Dance Twin Story


Melvin and Kelvin commonly known as Dance Twin. They are young Liberian dancers who’s aim is to entertain people through their dancing talent.

Why they choose to dance?

Dance Twin started Dancing before doing music. From an interview with them via facebook chat by our manager Cisa Pata, they admitted that dancing makes them happy so they like doing it and it’s the talent God give them.

Where it started from ?

They started dancing on the street at the Age of 7 when they lost their mother. Their father tried helping them but he didn’t allowed them dance . Because of that, they started to be on their own at the Age of 9yrs.

While they were still grieving about the death of their mother at that early age, someone took them in to be living with them but later they decided to move on their own again at the Age of 14yrs.

There were they started doing music and Dancing up to this time.

Dance Twin have dance in many artists songs videos and also dance for lots of big events.

Scream some of Dance Twin Video below …. subscribe to their YouTube channel 👇👇🇱🇷