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Brewerville Award winning artist, Jimmy Jas set to unleash his new song


Banger Alert 🚨 .

Jimmy Jas Ft. OG Bobbytino & PrettyBoy Ejay.

It’s about time we get ready to gear up our ears for such an emotional song. The birth of the new era of Brewerville Entertainment is getting remarkable as days come and go by some vibrant guys.
The talent of the youth remains undisputed, they keep putting in their energetic effort, and rapidly, they’re growing smoothly.

Seeing these versatile guys sharing MIC on one joint is a blessing to a playlist, let’s talk about the most anticipated song, fans have been anticipating this song, it’s the talk of the town.

This banger is a real-life experience, it is a complete fact, we all going through this instance. Deep down the song is heart-touching, the well-composed lyrics are everything that is mainly injected to spite out a certified banger.

Another thing is the love that keeps flooding among the uprising talents, this jam is a complete hit, and arguably fans see this to be a collaboration in D#17 and it may likely be one of the spotlight songs in Liberia Music industry.

Seeing the district accolade winners, Jimmy Jas, OG Bobbytino, and Pretty Boy Ejay on the same record is a sign of victory.
Jimmy Jas is one of the fastest-growing artists in Brewerville, he hit the industry with his breakthrough song ” No Girlfriend No Problem “.
Amazingly it was one of the most used sounds by Liberian Tiktokers at the moment. He never hesitated about pushing his game to the upper level, he won the best song of the year in Brewerville City.

He featured the best rapper in District, OG Bobbytino who’s famously known as the Trap Godz of Brewerville city, PrettyBoy Ejay never allows his peace of mind to be taken away, he spits out bombshell lyrics to go hard the banger.

The song is tagged ” La Ay Can Happen? “

The song is produced by Stone Pee.

Y’all wait on it, officially the song will be available tomorrow.

Download “Jimmy Jas Ft. OG Bobbytino & PrettyBoy Ejay – La Ayy Can Happen Eh [ Prod. Stone Pee” Jimmy-Jas-Ft.-OG-Bobbytino-PrettyBoy-Ejay-La-Ayy-Can-Happen-Eh-Prod.-Stone-Pee.mp3 – Downloaded 1219 times –