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A.Fo4doe- ‘The Shit EP’


The Shit EP from Holy Record boss A Fordoe issa bomb , the outstanding producer dropped his most anticipated EP , as we all know A.4Doe is one of the best producer in Liberia, his record is one of the most trending Label in the Liberia music industry, the likes of Skinny Boi kpanto is complete boost to the Label.

Today the boss himself dashed his most talked about EP , he featured some big names on it , it’s for both the Street and clubs.

The Shit EP Track Listing .

  1. Stringy Man Know Each other
  2. A.4Doe – Tata & Toto
  3. A.4Doe Feat. Pharise – Ley Papa Like Me
  4. A.4Doe Feat. Kpanto x T. Floyd & Pious – I will Not Forget
  5. A.4Doe Feat . Kpanto & Mandingo – Takey Takey
  6. A.4Doe – You can’t finish it

Don’t be told about this fantastic EP , rush and get y’all copy, updates y’all playlists with new brand sound from A.4Doe kitchen.
He featured the record frointman Kpanto, T. Floyd, Pious & Pharise .

Download The EP Now !!!

Download “A.Fo4doe – Stingy Man Know Each Other (Prod By A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-Stingy-Man-Know-Each-Other-Prod-By-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 340 times –

Download “A.Fo4doe Tata N Toto Story (Prod by A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-Tata-N-Toto-Story-Prod-by-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 402 times –

Download “A.Fo4doe Ft Pharisee – Lit Papay Like Me (Prod By A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-Ft-Pharisee-Lit-Papay-Like-Me-Prod-By-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 224 times –

Download “A.Fo4doe ft KPANTO, T Floyd & Pious I will not forget(Prod By A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-ft-KPANTO-T-Floyd-Pious-I-will-not-forgetProd-By-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 317 times –

Download “A.Fo4doe ft KPANTO & Mandingo Priest Takey Takey (Prod By A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-ft-KPANTO-Mandingo-Priest-Takey-Takey-Prod-By-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 227 times –

Download “A.Fo4doe – You Can’t Finish It (Prod By A.Fo4doe)” A.Fo4doe-You-Cant-Finish-It-Prod-By-A.Fo4doe.mp3 – Downloaded 248 times –